Welcome to the Semantic Web Reproducibility Initiative

This is the homepage of the Semantic Web Reproducibility Initiative.

What is the Semantic Web Reproducibility Initiative?

The Semantic Web Reproducibility Initiative has the following goals:

  • to enable easy sharing of code and experimentation set-ups (take a paper and reuse it)
  • to make more code and data available (openness).
  • to highlight the impact and increase the credibility of the Semantic Web research.
  • to facilitate the dissemination of research results.

So, our goal is to build a culture where sharing results, code, and scripts is the norm rather than an exception. The challenge is to do this efficiently, which means building technical expertise on how to better research via creating repeatable and shareable research.


Semantic Web reproducibility has been introduced in the following conferences:

Why should I be part of this?

You will be making it easy for other researchers to compare with your work, to adopt and extend your research. This instantly means more recognition for your work and higher impact.

The experimental results of the paper were replicated by the committee and where found to support the central results reported in the paper

The experiments (data, code, scripts) are made available to the community

When possible, successful papers will be advertised at the conference. In addition, this website will maintain and advertise your papers, serving as a centralized location where researchers will be able to find all the experimentation material of shareable semantic web papers. We will continue to enhance the functionality and material on this website to make it attractive and useful for the community.

Contact details

This webpage is maintained by

Dr. Alejandra Gonzalez-Beltran,
Science and Technology Facilities Council, United Kingdom


Dr. Michael Cochez,
VU Amsterdam, the Netherlands

semantic Web Reproducibility precursor

The idea for this initiative came from a fulfilling experience getting the SIGMOD reproducibility label. We are grateful to them for allowing us to reuse text from their website.