Submission Guidelines

To participate in the ISWC Reproducibility Initiative we will have two phases:

  1. A submission via easychair (select the Reproducibility track) where we ask you to provide:
    • The abstract of your accepted paper
    • A link to a public github/bitbucket/gitlab repository
    • A copy of the README file from your repository, containing information on the platform required to run your code.
    • Information on how to obtain the data needed to evaluate your submission. The data must be made openly available.
    • The open license under which you plan to provide the source code and data.
  2. For the interaction with the evaluators, we will create a new and private git repository. Then we will add you and the reproducer as collaborators. All interaction between authors and reproducers must happen via this private git repository (issues, wiki, etc). The information in this repository will not be made open in the future unless authors and reproducers are willing to do so.

For more information on how to make your submission reproducible, see our reproducibility guidelines.